"I believe that it will prevent many medication errors and other type of errors since there will be no more loss of information. Implementing this tool has been a positive experience. "

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Instituto de Cardiología y Medicina Vascular (ICMV), Tec Salud
29 November 2011

"I found it interesting and very professional as it has encouraged us to study and has made it easier for us."

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24 March 2011

I am sure that the advantages brought from using this tool will soon be understood by students in Medicine faculties everywhere and they will begin to use ALERT® STUDENT on a daily basis and as their main study tool.

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Tiago Taveira

Medicine Student at FMUP and ALERT® STUDENT Consultant

16 February 2011

"Thank you to ALERT for giving me the chance to develop as a physician in the IT area and for enabling me to bring technological progress to my customers."

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Dirceu Barbosa

Physician, Clínica São Lucas - Grupo Santa Casa BH

30 July 2010

"ALERT Life Sciences' Paper Free Hospital software is delivering greater visibility to our hospital operations, which provides us with the opportunity to improve the efficiency of our processes and deliver higher quality patient care."

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Kelvin Tan

Director of Technology and Ancillary Services, Penang Adventist Hospital

17 March 2010

ALERT® ERP "is totally different from what was available at the hospital before."

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Abel Roque

Stock Manager at Amato Lusitano Hospital

7 July 2009
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