ALERT® NOM certified in Mexico
ALERT® was successfully certified in the NOM-024-SSA2-2010 standard by the Mexico Secretary of State for Health
From 26 to 30 September ALERT® was evaluated by the Mexico Secretary of State for Health regarding its compliance with the NOM-024-SSA2-2010 standard.
This standard sets the functional goals and defines the functionalities that Electronic Clinical Systems (Sistemas de Expediente Clínico Electrónico - Historia Clínica Electrónica) should meet to guarantee interoperability, processing, interpretation, confidentiality and security capabilities, as well as the use of standards and catalogs in electronic health records.
This evaluation process was requested by ALERT with the purpose of certifying that ALERT® products, besides being considered among the best in all the local evaluation processes, comply with the sector's official rules and standards.
The excellent results obtained are available in the Dirección General de Información en Salud website.
Furthermore, ALERT® is currently undergoing NOM024-SSA3-2012 certification.