Intellego’s mission is to optimize the creation of value of its clients by supporting them in the design and implementation of their strategy and business processes, by helping with human capital management as well as providing the proper application of information technologies and solutions. Furthermore, their integrator profile complements, in an excellent way, the ALERT® product offer in order to bring a complete, consistent and solid solution to the Mexican market. The company intends to become the leading company in information solutions, technology and consulting services in Latin America by 2015.


ALERT is based in Porto, Portugal, and started its activity in December 1999. It is fully committed to the development, distribution and implementation of ALERT® healthcare solutions, which have been designed to create paper-free clinical environments. ALERT created a suite of products that go from the point of care to the patient’s home and everything needed to establish their interconnection, to the creation of personal knowledge bases for medical schools, healthcare planning and business intelligence and other areas of administrative and management software.

ALERT® is currently contracted in 13 countries: Angola, Brazil, Chile, France, Guatemala, Italy, Kuwait, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. ALERT® products are currently available in six different languages.