Flexibility in terms of learning time and location
- Learn anytime, anywhere.

Agility, where users can decide their own learning pace
- Navigate throughout the course according to your own learning pace.

Users are able to further develop the learning content that interests them most
- Build your own learning. Decide what content and activity interest you most.

Interactive learning content that uses multimedia material
- Access content that has been developed to make your learning experience  more stimulating and motivating. Resources include videos, animations, simulations, and other multimedia content.

Contact and interaction with the learning community via chat and forum
- Use synchronous and asynchronous communication tools that aim at promoting the sharing of knowledge and experiences between the various participants in the learning process.

Various interactivity levels, such as: trainee and tutor, trainee and learning content, and trainee and other trainees
- Navigate in the interactive content and interact with the tutor and other trainees. This way, you will find it more motivating and interesting to go through your course(s).

Learning path based on the latest good practice in virtual teaching and learning
- We have courses that will enable you to access a theory component, a demonstration or to explore learning scenarios.

Learning performance and evaluation feedback
- We support you throughout your learning experience and provide you with feedback on your performance and course progress.

Trainee certification at the end of the course
- You will receive an ALERT® training certificate which recognizes the skills that you will have achieved at the end of your course.