Vision Village is now up and running in Blackpool
25 April 2010
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The Vision Village in Blackpool, based in the Education Centre at the Victoria site, is now up and running. A booking system is already in place, and the village is in high demand for sessions.

The Vision Village is intended to form a virtual hospital supporting the implementation of ALERT® at the NHS trust.

The main goals are to allow hospital staff to use an ALERT® demo environment, and give them an opportunity to experience using the product in a simulated realistic environment. This environment will have the exact IT infrastructure that the hospital has procured for the Vision project. Moreover, it will allow hospital staff to validate that the physical installation of the kit is user friendly and permits the simulation of business processes in different scenarios. The kit includes an articulated arm mount, a wall mount, a desk-top computer, a COW or Computer-On-Wheels, and tablet PC – both the COW and the tablet PC operate wirelessly.

The Village has 4 distinct areas: a bedside scenario for simulating INPATIENT and ED episode processes, a desk scenario for simulating both outpatient consultations, inpatient nursing stations and any other desk based activities, a general demonstrations area, featuring 4 workstations with a switchable plasma monitor that can be used for general demos, and a wall mounted plasma monitor to run ALERT® WAITING ROOM software and other ALERT® modules.

ALERT believes the Vision Village can be used by the hospital to smooth the implementation, to showcase the project when there are visitors to the hospital, and allow ALERT to show potential new customers what can be done to improve the quality of implementations.

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