Valongo Hospital, in Portugal, extends the use of ALERT® to become totally paper-free
12 January 2011
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Nossa Senhora da Conceição Hospital in Valongo chose the ALERT® PAPER FREE HOSPITAL solution to computerize its services. Working with ALERT® in its Emergency Services since 2008, the hospital has now decided to extend the usage of this tool to its other services, such as Inpatient, Outpatient, Operating Room, and other. 


Valongo, Gondomar, Paredes and Gandra are the areas covered by Nossa Senhora da Conceição Hospital. With Inpatient services and offering Orthopedics, General Surgery, Internal Medicine, Psychiatry and Plastic Surgery specialties, the hospital also provides Outpatient appointments in Anesthesiology, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Dental Medicine, Internal Medicine, Orthopedics, Clinical Pathology and Psychiatry. The General Emergency services process an average of 190 daily episodes, which totals 70 000 annual episodes.


ALERT® PAPER FREE HOSPITAL is a tool that is developed by clinical professionals. It manages the workflows of different professional profiles that interact with patients in the various clinical environments of hospitals (Inpatient, Operating Room, Outpatient and Emergency Department). Order Sets and Treatment Protocols are some of ALERT®'s powerful tools. These tools are used in treatment procedures and promote the reduction of costs with diagnostic tests and medication.


The wealth of available content, the alerts' system and specially the decision making support tools (Protocols, Guidelines, Clinical Pathways, and other), make processes faster, reduce error, improve the care provided and promote savings for the hospital as they enable real time access to diagnostic tests from previous episodes, increase production while using the same resources and establish procedures for clinical practice and treatments.


ALERT®'s Business Intelligence tool enables any Board of Directors or Clinical Direction to understand operational bottlenecks, treatment practices and adopt corrective or awareness measures regarding their professionals.


The increase in productivity, the reduction in costs and the improvement of healthcare provided at the facilities that have adopted ALERT® ensure a return on investment in less than a year.


According to a study on the Implementation Benefits of ALERT® PAPER FREE HOSPITAL at Espírito Santo Hospital in Évora, Portugal, by the Technical University of Lisbon, it is estimated that in 2010 this healthcare facility will achieve a benefit worth €3.86 million Euros, which relates to a global cost reduction (paper usage, imaging exam printing, etc.) and to an increase of the estimated activity, such as in Outpatient. This study was carried out by collecting information before ALERT®'s implementation (October 2006 to April 2008) and after its implementation (July 2009). The use of ALERT® PAPER FREE HOSPITAL will ensure a relevant part of these benefits on a continuous basis in the future.


Also, according to that study, a 70% reduction in triage time, as well as a time reduction from triage to first physician observation and between prescription and administration of medication, is also expected. These are just some examples of the benefits brought by the implementation of ALERT® PAPER FREE HOSPITAL.


Besides the work carried out in Portugal, the choice of ALERT® PAPER FREE HOSPITAL by the reference hospitals below confirms ALERT®'s excellence and potential as a clinical management and clinical decision support tool:

La Tour Réseau de Soins SA Hospital – Geneva, Switzerland
Bupa Cromwell Hospital – London, UK
Pontificia Universidad Católica Hospital – Santiago, Chile
Unimed-BH - Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre Hospital, NHS Foundation Trust – Blackpool, UK
San José Tec de Monterrey Hospital -  Monterrey, Mexico

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