UNIMED-BH, Brazil, acquired ALERT®

Biggest private medicine IT contract in Brazil

13 November 2008
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Endeavoring to provide its services and physician surgeries with state-of-the-art clinical management, UNIMED-BH chose ALERT® PAPER FREE HOSPITAL clinical software for hospitals and ALERT® PRIVATE PRACTICE for clinicsc and private practices. 


The project aims at equipping UNIMED-BH with a unique clinical management solution, which will enable the documentation of clinical activity in real time and allow information sharing between facilities and healthcare professionals. Moreover, it will promote the efficient management of clinical data from a patient-centered electronic health record. 


With 735 000 clients, UNIMED-BH, the biggest healthcare body outside the Rio - São Paulo axis, is the leader of private healthcare organizations in Minas Gerais, and integrates the biggest medical insurance network in Brazil. Every year it deals with 4.6 million private practice appointments, 105 thousand inpatient episodes, 15.3 thousand emergency home visits and 11 million exams and complementary therapies. 


The contract signed between UNIMED-BH and ALERT is the most prominent and important business deal in private healthcare in Brazil.

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