The latest ALERT News and Catalogue is out now
13 April 2015
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Take a look at ALERT’s latest Newsletter and Catalogue  – with plenty of fresh and new information about our state-of-the-art products and services.



“Hi everyone! Happy to be here with the 2015 ALERT News and Catalogue!


The ALERT® software that we bring to all of the countries we operate in continues to be a single product, which is characterized by its capacity to be configured for each market and clinical setting (hospital, primary care center or private practice).


We are very proud of the ALERT® v2.6.4 release, which, among other features, is a fully certified EHR according to Meaningful Use Stage II, and has also achieved new product certifications in several other markets.


We have recently developed a Market Licensing Agreement (MLA) business model with local partners in different countries, which grants companies with permission to represent ALERT® in geographies that they know well. This allows ALERT to keep its focus on developing a universal product that is enriched by contributions from around the world.


Within our broad offer, we would like to draw your attention to ALERT® Planning System – a transformational tool for healthcare. Please learn more about it and I am sure you will be happily surprised.


ALERT is committed to bringing more efficiency, accuracy, ease of work and tranquility into healthcare. We thank our customers, who are our partners in this endeavor, for their trust and consideration.”


M. Jorge Guimarães, M.D., Ph.D.


Founder & President

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