Santa Helena Medical Organization in Brazil chose ALERT®
30 March 2011
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Considered one of the best private healthcare organizations in greater São Paulo, Santa Helena Medical Organization chose ALERT® for the complete computerization of its clinical services.


Established in 1980, the mission of Santa Helena's healthcare institution is to: "Work for Life, while investing in infrastructure and technology in order to ensure affordable Healthcare and quality."


This institution provides assistance to 170 000 beneficiaries and integrates 9 care units, 2 emergency services, one general hospital and one maternity.


The Santa Helena Medical Organization has a team of 750 physicians and 1 200 employees. The institution's customers include 1 700 companies and over 50 000 individual healthcare plans.


All ambulatory services at the institution are certified by Qualisa in accordance with the Brazilian Accreditation System Level 1. Santa Helena Hospital, in Santo André, is also certified by Qualisa at Level 3 - Excellence. Moreover, the Santa Helena Medical Organization is an active participant in the clinical security processes promoted by the Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation (CCHSA).


Santa Helena Hospital is the only hospital in Latin America that has joined the Health Promoting Hospitals initiative which is run by the World Health Organization.


The organization processes 120 000 ambulatory appointments, 1 100 inpatient episodes, 600 surgeries, 160 000 lab exams and 25 000 imaging exams every month.


The Executive Vice President of the Santa Helena Medical Organization, Dr. Ronaldo Kalaf, said that choosing ALERT® has the following purpose: improve clinical services' quality by promoting security, and screening and access to information in a structured manner, in real time, so as to have evidence based medical decisions." “ALERT® will also be an important tool for the documentation and monitoring of processes related to national and international certifications to which Santa Helena is connected," he added.


Eduardo Ferrari, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Santa Helena, upheld the following regarding this choice: "We made a detailed evaluation of all the available products in the market and we concluded that ALERT® best serves our organization's requirements. We consider this project as an essential tool to maintain our organization's distinguishing characteristics and to continually improve the quality of the service provided to our customers, which is our mission."


César Guimarães, ALERT's CEO said: "This decision by Santa Helena reinforces our product's presence in São Paulo and Brazil. Thanks to Santa Helena's dedication in selecting the product, it will become an example of clinical management using our technology. Santa Helena is a reference organization in the market. Our company and our product are the choice of the best."

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