Santa Casa Group of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, adopted Manchester Protocol
02 March 2009
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The Santa Casa Group of Belo Horizonte made its triage protocol choice official on February 18, 2009. This international system classifies patients and establishes clinical priorities regarding urgent and emergent episodes. 


Considering that emergency services are increasingly overloaded, the use of this type of protocol allows for faster and more efficient services. Besides Santa Casa, the Secretary for Health of Minas Gerais has also adopted the triage protocol, which is already working in João XXIII Hospital, Clemente Faria University Hospital and Clínicas University Hospital in Belo Horizonte. 


"ALERT®'s computerization of this protocol is estimated for April 2009, at São Lucas Hospital's Emergency Room" ALERT's project manager Vinícius Debian declared. "This is just the beginning of a great project that will lead to the removal of paper from Santa Casa’s supplementary medicine", Vinícius concluded. 

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