Pure blood at ALERT
08 September 2009
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Blood is fluid connective tissue the primary function of which is to transport substances (nutrients, oxygen, etc.) and cell excretions, guaranteeing the survival of the organism. However, aside from the biological definition, blood represents life itself. We are “warm-blooded animals”, we cry “tears of blood” and, whenever things go wrong, we could be said to be “bloodless”.

Despite all scientific advances, science has yet to find an artificial replacement for human blood. As such, blood donation by healthy individuals aged 18 to 65 is the only way to satisfy the never ending demand for this essential commodity.

At ALERT, helping is in our blood. We commit ourselves every day to improving health, and we defend generosity and love for life in all its forms. We take on the social responsibility imposed by our activity and promote solidarity, starting with our own employees. It was with all these things in mind that a second mobile blood donation event was organized on September 9.

This initiative was highly successful, and of the 70 volunteers we were able to collect 48 donations. Those who gave up part of their morning to cooperate with the Portuguese Blood Institute were unanimously satisfied. Both amateurs and veterans agreed that the possibility to give blood at the company’s premises is motivating and simplifies this heroic and socially responsible act. While they were waiting, these blood heroes shared their past experiences or described their smallest, as well as biggest, fears. Even though each donor gave away 450 ml of blood, no one was left the poorer.

The World Blood Donor Day, established by the World Health Organization in 2005, is celebrated on June 14. This day is the result of the sheer willpower to express the recognition of the entire world towards the anonymous volunteers who feed the blood banks worldwide.

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