Portuguese Society for Intensive Care has a new website

ALERT expands largest online healthcare network

08 September 2008
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The new Portuguese Society for Intensive Care (Sociedade Portuguesa de Cuidados Intensivos - SPCI) website is now online. Through an attractive interface, it provides useful information to specialists. 


This user friendly and intuitive portal was developed by ALERT Life Sciences Computing, S.A. It enables the user to view information on courses, and congresses, access information bulletins, read SPCI magazine issues and also includes an interactive map with the intensive care units’ location. 


In the site's introduction, all specialists are invited to collaborate in order to keep the portal updated. This can be done by, for example, sending in relevant news items. 


With this interactive tool, the Portuguese Society for Intensive Care aims at becoming a link between all healthcare professionals and the general public in the intensive care area. 


For more information, please visit: www.spci.pt

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