Peneda-Gerês Reforestation
07 December 2011
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Saturday, November 26, was the favored day to return to Peneda-Gerês National Park for yet another reforestation session, three so far, for the third consecutive year.


This year the group of volunteers planted 142 trees, of which oak and chestnut trees, from seeds that had been collected in the park and germinated by the volunteers themselves, thus completing the seed's life cycle and giving back to the park, a year later, a considerable amount of trees. 


The chosen plantation area had been devastated by a serious fire the remains of which could still be seen. Naturally, this brought an even greater meaning to the action of reforestation given the opportunity to repair the damaged area, and provide it with hope via the planting of a significant number of small trees.


The event also included a walk in one of the most beautiful Portuguese woods – Mata da Albergaria – and was an opportunity for ALERT collaborators to socialize among themselves and with other family members who were also present. Under a beautiful blue sky and warm sun, adults and children, grandparents and grandchildren, side by side, planted the trees.

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