Partnership between ALERT and Diebold to shake up the Brazilian healthcare market
25 January 2010
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ALERT and Diebold established a partnership to launch a clinical management solution for state and private services in the Brazilian market in the scope of the EaaS – Everything as a Service – concept. ALERT will be responsible for supplying the software and Diebold will provide the hardware infrastructure, telecom services, and other services and technical assistance.

Senior management from both companies believe this partnership will bring several benefits to their customers, which will allow them to solely concentrate on the clinical area.

With affiliates in 7 countries, ALERT has been present in Brazil since December 2007, the date a contract was signed with the Minas Gerais Secretary of State for Health. ALERT's Brazilian customers include Unimed BH, the Belo Horizonte Santa Casa Group and Beneficiência Portuguesa in São Paulo.

ALERT® products introduced a new paradigm in health information systems and are developed using state of the art technology, such as the touchscreen interface. The implementation of these products allows for paper-free healthcare environments that generate measurable results in terms of resource management, document processing agility and security, as well as patient follow-up.

Diebold is a world leader in the ATM industry that has a 51% world market share and a 67% Brazilian market share. It began investing in the health industry in 1999 with the provision of the Social Security Card for the country's Ministry of Health. The company has played a role in the health insurance industry since 2008 by providing Authorization and Self-service system solutions under the BPO – Business Process Outsourcing – model.

The strategic partnership between these two multinational corporations establishes an important differentiator for product marketing. The client pays per transaction only, thus avoiding significant investments in information technology. This modality is being introduced in Brazil with the intention of applying Diebold's experience in the financial sector to the Brazilian healthcare services sector.

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