New interface in HL7 v3 validated by IHE
15 April 2008
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ALERT® PIX incorporates a new interface, validated according to the most recent HL7 v3 standard. This interface was tested and validated successfully during the European Connectathon, organized by IHE, in Oxford (UK) from April 7 - 11, 2008. 


A PIX Manager is patient identifier cross-referencing system. This system receives patient records through a standard HL7 v3 interface. 


HL7 v3 standard represents a major technological advancement regarding v2, as it overcomes many of the insufficiencies identified in the previous version, and uses more up-to-date technology, such as, XML. 


Despite being very recent, HL7 v3 has been adopted by several national health systems, and the demand for this new version has shown a growing trend. ALERT is proud to be at the front of technology, and is currently the only Portuguese company with an HL7 v3 interface, validated by an international organization. 


ALERT has a vast experience in HL7 standards, and is proud to have nearly 20 HL7 certified experts. HL7 v3 interface validation is an important step in making this recent technology available in ALERT® products.

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