Minas Gerais State, Brazil, invests in ALERT® solutions

An investment of 26.5 million US dollars

21 December 2007
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ALERT Serviços de Licenciamento de Sistemas de Informática para a Saúde, Ltda, a subsidiary company in Brazil owned by ALERT Life Sciences Computing, S.A., signed a contract with the Minas Gerais Secretary of State for Health to implement ALERT® software in 8.000 Healthcare Units in the Brazilian State, integrating a triage system for emergency medical response. 


ALERT® software will be used to help organize the Minas Gerais emergency care network, including patient referrals within the state-based network. 


In addition to ALERT® MANCHESTER, 19 Hospital Emergency Departments will also implement ALERT® EDIS for a complete paper-free solution. 


Minas Gerais State is about as large as France with a population of approximately 20 million inhabitants. 


Marcus Pestana, M.D., the Secretary of State for Health, stated that "this is a strategic project for Minas Gerais, since a centralized solution will provide the opportunity to monitor what is going on in our emergency care network. Through the Manchester Triage Protocol, patients will be treated according to clinical priority rather than patient arrival time. Furthermore, this classification makes it possible to refer patients to the closest healthcare unit where their health condition can be treated and managed." 


The signed contract is valid until 2010 and represents an investment of approximately 26.5 million US dollars in ALERT® solutions. 


Cesar Guimaraes, ALERT's COO, was present at the formal signing ceremony, and declared that "the onset of our operations in the Brazilian market has a very special meaning. Portugal and Brazil are true brotherly countries." 


ALERT Serviços de Licenciamento de Sistemas de Informática para a Saúde, Ltda is based in Belo Horizonte, in the Minas Gerais State, and is fully owned by ALERT Life Sciences Computing, S.A. 


According to the head of the Brazilian subsidiary company, Luiz Marcos Brescia, "the contract signed by the Minas Gerais Secretary of State for Health represents a sound opening for our company and gives us the chance to operate in the Brazilian market".

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