Read the testimonials from Instituto de Cardiología y Medicina Vascular of Tecnológico de Monterrey
30 November 2011
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Read the testimonials of those who have adopted ALERT® in their clinical tasks.


"The electronic health record is a very useful and practical tool in general.  It is somewhat complex at first, but it will surely benefit our patients. It took me some time to adapt, but now I know how practical, intuitive and easy to use this tool is."

Filiberto Hervert Cavazos, MD



"This is a tool that assists clinical staff with their tasks and enables physicians to receive their patients' exam results promptly and with precision."

Manuel Treviño García, MD



"These first days have shown that this is a very important and useful tool as it enables physicians to access information in real time. A nurse may be with a patient and document their vital signs and other information in a very easy way."

Socorro Carreón Mendiola, RN



"This new tool brought good things, because nurses used to merely check vital signs, we did not question patients, and now, with this system, we will be able to do that as well. This will allow nurses to be more involved with their patients and question them about their clinical history, reasons for visit, previous medication or allergies. Regarding the tool's user-friendliness, it allows us to do things in a more simple and practical manner than we used to."

Olga Alicia García Gaytán, RN



"For me this has been an interesting new experience because it makes the work of everyone involved much simpler. However, you really need to know the system in full to know all the tools that are available.  Right now, we are learning to do just that."

Ms. Angeles Uribe Zamarripa



"This has made patient health record management much easier. We are able to see information on appointments straight away and if there is any question we can extract information directly from the system. It is much simpler than any other type of tool that I have used since I have been here. It is very user-friendly. At first I had some difficulty in adapting, but now I feel that, on the nurses' part, we are able to use the system very well. No shadow of a doubt. We already use it almost in full. We usually explain to the patients that this is a new system and that we document all the information in it. They have been very positive about it and everyone has been very open to this new tool."

Irma Nora Halbert Padrón, RN



"It has been very important, especially for the development of the Institute. It will be extremely useful because it will provide medical staff with a lot of information. I am very proud to be part of this project, which is just starting, and which aims to improve and guarantee better quality care for all our patients. It is going very well.  All my colleagues have been very open. They have been learning very quickly and are also witnesses of the importance of this project. In terms of the patients themselves, we have had good feedback from them too. They have been very positive and cooperative in relation to this new system."

Raquel Mata Guerrero, RN



"For me this is a very useful tool because it allows me to access patients' information very easily. With this tool, we are now able to access previous information, as well as patients' entire medical history and medication. This is very important as it allows us to use information more appropriately and make better decisions. I believe that it will prevent many medication errors and other type of errors since there will be no more loss of information. Implementing this tool has been a positive experience. It went rather slowly at first. However, as with any other new system, after you learn to use it, it will make everyone's work a lot easier. It is merely a matter of practicing."

Diana Tafich Pérez, MD

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