"Giving the gift of life" at ALERT
29 January 2014
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During the morning of Wednesday, January 22, 2014, there was another blood donation campaign among ALERT's collaborators. This campaign was organized with the Centro Regional de Sangue do Porto do Instituto Português de Sangue (Porto Blood Center of the Portuguese Blood Institute.


Of the 35 registered blood donors,  there were 19  donations. The atmosphere was relaxed and the mood was good.


Blood is vitally precious and yet, to date, no artificial replacement has been found for this fluid. All citizens may, in case of need, depend upon the blood donations from those who contribute towards the maintenance of blood services in hospitals.


The World Health Organization (WHO) has  appealed to all countries to obtain, until 2020, 100% of  their  blood  supply and derivatives from unpaid volunteers. The WHO considers that regular unpaid volunteers are "the safest blood source", since these people have "less blood transmitted  infections" than people who give blood for money or who donate it to family members in emergency situations.


Donating blood is an essential act of citizenship and of social responsibility.

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