Évora Hospital with estimated benefits of 3.9 million Euros in 2010 due to ALERT®
16 September 2009
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Espírito Santo Hospital in Évora is a general public hospital, with 350 beds, that works as Alentejo's main hospital, and covers an area with 173 000 inhabitants.  

In order to attain Quality Hospital status, and offer a high level of technological resources, this facility started, in 2006, to implement ALERT® PAPER FREE HOSPITAL, a solution that creates paper-free clinical environments.  

To analyze the impact of ALERT®'s implementation, the Management Studies Centre (CEGE) at the Technical University of Lisbon conducted a comparative study based on the analysis of data collected before and after ALERT®'s Go Live, which relates to parameters that evaluated the changes brought by ALERT® at Évora Hospital.  

The study concluded that the implementation of ALERT® PAPER FREE HOSPITAL has contributed towards reducing costs in various areas (lab tests, exams, human resources, infrastructures and so on), and has improved the quality of information management and work conditions, whilst helping to increase productivity and patient satisfaction.  

The numbers speak for themselves: €3.97 million Euros was the figure obtained by the result, which relates to a global cost reduction on estimated activity and to a revenue increase brought by ALERT®'s implementation.  

Besides this positive result, other benefits related to ALER®'s installation were also identified. The most relevant are:  

• 70% reduction in triage time;  

• Reduction of time between prescription and medication administration to less than 2 minutes, corresponding to a reduction of around 90%;  

• Over 50% reduction in waiting time for imaging exam results.  

ALERT, the company responsible for the development, distribution and implementation of ALERT® software, will complete its 10th anniversary this year. From the very beginning, this company has been annually duplicating its sales and its product - ALERT®- has already been adopted in Portugal, Spain, Italy, England, the United States, Brazil and Malaysia.  

These results have been a constant incentive towards ALERT's determination of achieving excellence.

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