Everyone can now attain a certificate in ALERT® via e-learning
18 January 2011
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ALERT just launched ALERT® eLEARNING, which is an effective and motivating solution that means that everyone can attain certification in ALERT® solutions.


Moreover, e-learning courses are now available to everyone in three different languages (Portuguese, English and Dutch) starting at € 25. You can acquire courses in Introduction to ALERT® (for € 25 and available in Portuguese, English and Dutch), ALERT® EDIS (from € 50 and available in Portuguese, English and Dutch), ALERT® PRIVATE PRACTICE (for € 100 and available in Portuguese) and ALERT® OUTPATIENT (from € 50 and available in Dutch).


More courses will be made available for the other ALERT® products, such as ALERT® REFERRAL and ALERT® ORIS. Furthermore, courses will soon be made available in languages like Spanish and French.


ALERT® eLEARNING enables flexible training in terms of time and location; trainees can navigate the content at their own pace and according to the areas that most interest them.


The available interactive multimedia content using best practices for virtual teaching and learning, the contact and interaction with the community via chat and forum, and the access to different interactivity levels between tutor and trainees reinforce the learning efficacy.


Besides improving motivation towards learning, the constant support during the various phases of the course, the feedback on performance and the evaluation on learning outcomes enable a greater and better analysis of the trainee's progress.


At the end of the course, ALERT issues an ALERT® Certified User certificate, which recognizes the skills acquired during the course.

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