European Social Fund presents ALERT® as an example of success

ALERT® was selected by the European Social Fund to integrate two publications ("ESF Projects" and "ESF Testimonials") with case studies selected within financed programs.

30 May 2006
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Both publications present testimonials from several ALERT® users who refer to the application as tremendously innovative and user friendly, having brought innumerous advantages to the health services where it has been implemented. 


Fernando Pádua, President of Portalegre's Hospital at that time, refers that "The emergency room is now very quiet. Everything is registered. We now enter data in ALERT® and are immediately able to know the work we need to do. We no longer need to be shouting in the corridors." 


Nuno Rego, ER Nurse Director and ALERT® supervisor, highlights the fact that "Records cannot be deleted. They can't be lost or destroied. There are no more mistakes with medical prescriptions. A completely different management was made possible." 


For Carlos Casaquinha, nurse, with a degree in Psychology and key-user responsible for local ALERT® training, "ALERT® has the capacity to adapt itself to each institution. It has incredible potentialities that simplify operations within an organization. ALERT® is a powerful and innovative work tool that provides healthcare professionals with working methodologies, eases healthcare environments and raises quality of care." 


Júlio Lourenço, ancillary for over 31 years, states that "we always have everything on ALERT®. With no mistakes."

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