E-Health Insider Live 2009 Conference and Exhibition
26 November 2009
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The E-Health Insider Live 2009 Conference and Exhibition took place in Birmingham during November 9-10. Following the success of Health Interoperability last year, E-Health Insider Live '09 was expanded into a two day format. Once again, the event was hosted at the ICC in the center of Birmingham, England.

This conference provided an independent forum for learning and debating on the key issues that IT healthcare professionals face today. Besides that, it brought together leading industry professionals for innovative showcases.

The new format gave visitors greater access to the nearly 80 exhibitors, including ALERT.

E-Health Insider Live '09 provided a good opportunity to demonstrate ALERT’s products, establish contacts and network connections with potential customers.

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I was looking frarwod to this call as I am always eager to learn from those that paved the way before me in this area! We are in year 3 of homechooling and could not be happier. We took a year to research and interview those whom we saw had great success on the pro's and con's of homeschooling prior to our decision. My husband and I felt felt led by the Lord in our decision and 2 verses kept coming to mind Proverbs 22:6 & Deuteronomy 11:19. Stepping out in faith and obeying the command placed on my heart, I quit my full time sales career (I made VERY good money) and got to work with the kids and the Lord has blessed us in such a mighty way. My formerly ADHD labeled son is now 2 years ahead of his grade level as he has been able to blossom for who he is and the skill sets given to him by the Lord. The overall growth in regard to self confidence and knowing who they are in Christ is AMAZING! The home business has grown by 600% (with no cap on growth in site) and our marriage is better than ever as we are not stepping on each others toes in regard to what our roles are in the marriage. Our experience with public school equated to sending them to Caesar everyday and then trying to repair the damage each night. There is so much joy in seeing that development rather than hearing about it and some days you may end up in the prayer closet seeking guidance (more than a few times) and that is OK!! Both parents MUST be on board with a solid plan for success with room for flexibility. The process has been life changing for us and we can't wait to experience all that is before us on this journey.

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