Data transfer validation process of Monchique Family Healthcare Unit in Monchique, Portugal, was certified
30 May 2010
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The validation process of the data transfer of the Family Healthcare Unit (FHU) of Monchique (ALERT® CARE and ALERT® DATA WAREHOUSE) to the Portuguese Central Administration for the Health System - CAHS - (Administração Central do Sistema de Saúde) has been completed and certified.

Therefore, the FHU will be able to contract employees because its Performance Indicators for the assignment of institutional incentives can now be evaluated and monitored from a center as is required by current law.

This certification demonstrates that:

- ALERT® CARE supports clinical activity and allows professionals to have their activity evaluated and rewarded according to current law (e.g. at the FHU level)

- ALERT® DATA WAREHOUSE allows for data transfer to regulating bodies

- ALERT® DATA WAREHOUSE enables the monitoring of the progress of indicators and actions to implement in order to improve those indicators on a daily basis


About the CAHS

The CAHS is a government institute that is part of the Portuguese State's indirect administration; this entity is financially and administratively autonomous and holds its own assets.

The CAHS follows the Portuguese Ministry for Health directives, and is superintended by the Minister for Health; it holds jurisdiction over continental Portugal, although that jurisdiction may also be extended to the Portuguese islands.

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