American Hospital of Paris chose ALERT®
17 December 2010
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The American Hospital of Paris, considered as one of the best private hospitals in Paris, chose ALERT® PAPER FREE HOSPITAL for the complete computerization of its clinical services. This is the first healthcare facility in France to adopt ALERT® products, which are now present in the healthcare services of 11 countries.


Created in 1904, the American Hospital of Paris is a private not-for-profit French-American institution. Its mission is to bring together the best in French and American medical practices in Paris. It has 165 beds, including 7 in intensive care, 7 in coronary care and 20 day beds. The American Hospital of Paris provides high quality and personalized healthcare to members of the American, French, and international communities.  The Hospital offers global professional and technical services in a caring manner, while respecting ethical practices as well as the cultural diversity of its patients. The American Hospital of Paris is the only civilian French hospital accredited by The Joint Commission – an independent North-American organization that certifies hospitals in the USA. The American Hospital of Paris is also certified by the Haute Autorité de Santé in France.


With this decision, the American Hospital of Paris intends to create a totally paper-free environment, which will enable the documentation, integration and revision of all clinical and operational information in real time. ALERT® PAPER FREE HOSPITAL integrates specific applications for each clinical environment and uses a multidisciplinary approach regarding clinical processes.


César Guimarães, ALERT's CEO, explains that "this choice by the American Hospital of Paris is an extraordinary way for ALERT to enter the French market. The fact that our product has been selected after a long and rigorous process only enhances the choice made. With this contract, ALERT confirms its commitment towards the French market.”


ALERT® PAPER FREE HOSPITAL enables the improvement of healthcare, reduces costs and increases the number of appointments with the same resources.


The integration of tools in ALERT® that enable all information required for the provision of healthcare to flow electronically, contributes towards achieving these results. Other contributions are the management of process workflows that result from the activity of professionals interacting with patients in the various hospital environments (Inpatient, Operating Room, Outpatient Department and Emergency Department), besides clinical decision support, alerts for pending tasks, easier access to previous patient episodes, and a wide set of clinical content that is essential for clinical practice (including appropriate documentation and adequate treatment).


ALERT creates total paper-free clinical environments


The ALERT Group aims to improve healthcare and the quality of life of citizens. ALERT® is a software suite for Hospitals, Primary Care Centers, Private Practices and even for patients through MyALERT®, a Personal Health Record.


In 2009, ALERT invested over 11 million Euros – around 27% of the company's turnover – in innovation and research. As a result of this investment, the company launched new products such as the integration of the Electronic Health Record with all hospital equipment, clinical software for mobile phones and the sharing of information between healthcare facilities and between these facilities and their users.


With its head office in Portugal, ALERT has subsidiaries in Brazil, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Singapore, United States, Spain, France and United Arab Emirates (Dubai). The company also has distributors in 30 countries.


The ALERT Group has received various awards and distinctions, such as the COTEC-BPI SME Innovation Award. The company was considered in the United Kingdom as the foreign company with best potential for growth and was appointed by the NHS to integrate the Additional Supply Capacity and Capability.

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