ALERT®'s interface with pharmacy system went live at Sabah Al-Ahmad Urology Centre, Kuwait
26 September 2014
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On July 23, 2014, ALERT® OUTPATIENT's pharmacy interface went live at the Sabah Al-Ahmad Urology Centre in Kuwait.
This integration enables this facility's physicians to send electronic prescriptions to be filled by the hospital's pharmacy, thus improving the quality of services provided to the patient.
This Go Live means the achievement of a key milestone in the computerization of this healthcare facility, considering that ALERT® is now totally integrated with the hospital's auxiliary systems: admission, laboratory, radiology and pharmacy.
ALERT®'s total integration with the Sabah Al-Ahmad Urology Centre's auxiliary systems brings advantages that are very relevant to the facility, which will benefit from the optimization of processes and from greater accuracy of clinical data, therefore promoting the minimization of errors.
Established on February 4, 2013, the Sabah Al-Ahmad Urology Centre is a urology specialized hospital. The hospital has nine floors, which are distributed by ambulatory services, specialized clinics, operating room, intensive care and recovery units. 
ALERT® PFH and ALERT® PDMS were the facility’s choices for its EMR and the implementation project of these solutions is being carried out in the scope of ALERT and the Advanced Technology Company's partnership.
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