ALERT went live in the North Metropolitan Health Service in Chile
08 October 2010
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ALERT® SCHEDULER, a software solution for appointment scheduling management, and ALERT® REFERRAL, a software solution for supporting the referral and counter referral processes, went live on October 5, 2010, in theNorth Metropolitan Health Service (NMHS) in Chile.


The SIDRA-NMHS project aims at integrating 35 primary care centers and 5 hospitals located in the north of Santiago in the municipalities of Independencia, Recoleta, Conchalí, Colina, Huechuraba, Quilicura, Lampa and Til Til. These municipalities cover a population of 700 000 inhabitants.


Although other health services are also participating in other SIDRA FAST TRACK projects, this will be the first time that an integral approach to the two assistance levels (primary and hospital care) will be at work in Chile. The aforementioned approach means a national revolution in referral process management, thus eliminating the traditional slot system.


This health service network integrates two national institutes, which may increase the project's visibility beyond the NMHS's own healthcare network.


The above stated Go Live covers eight primary care centers and a hospital. Moreover, this implementation involved training 300 professionals, but the project contemplates the training of 500 professionals until the end of the year, when the other facilities will also Go Live.

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