ALERT® v2.6.2 adopts ORACLE WebLogic Server
05 September 2012
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Considering ALERT®'s current dimension and complexity, such as the development of the middleware layer, which has now a considerable percentage of business logic, together with the product's need to evolve and expand due to functional and technical requirements, as well as customer and certification requirements, the architecture's support technology needed to progress. It was therefore decided to discontinue the use of Apache Tomcat as of ALERT® v2.6.2 to adopt ORACLE WebLogic Server.


After an exhaustive and thorough selection from several open-source suppliers and communities, we selected the technology that better matched the product's requirements – ORACLE WebLogic Server 12c.


This application server provides various capabilities, such as increased availability and scalability of the ALERT® product in large scale implementations, as well as the introduction of a centralized and integrated resource tool wherever the product is implemented (development, training, pre-production, production, etc.), which will make its implementation easier.


Additionally, customers who still use previous ALERT® versions, such as v2.4, v2.5, v2.6.0 and v2.6.1, will keep Apache Tomcat servlet container, with no need to change this application layer's support technology until they decide to upgrade to ALERT® v2.6.2 or above.

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