ALERT® update at Garcia de Orta Hospital in Portugal
31 January 2011
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Garcia de Orta Hospital (GOH), in Almada, has updated on 27 January 2011 the ALERT® EDIS version.


With this update, new functionalities are now available, such as:

- Gynecology/Obstetrics triage
- Coronary and Stroke Clinical Pathways in the Manchester Triage
- Order sets – ability to create order sets (imaging exams, lab tests, procedures and medication)
- New figures for the Body diagram functionality
- ICNP Constructor for the Nurse profile
- Improvement search functionality
- The Nurse profile will now be able to access the Social Worker file
- ICD9 diagnoses synonyms functionality
- Patient belongings form with edition and record deleting possibility
- Possibility of using templates for the patient's clinical records – template module (usage of this functionality must be defined in the personal settings area)
- Pediatric pain scale
- 3 detail levels for reports: complete, summary and detailed
- Vital signs menu – Glasgow scale for Pediatrics, adapted for newborns or young children who have no verbal skills to express their pain level
- Abnormal results displayed in red in the lab test menu, and presentation of qualitative scale for abnormal results
- New announced arrivals button (to create temporary patients with information on reason of transport to hospital)


One of the largest hospitals in Portugal, GOH was inaugurated in 1991. It provides care to the population of Almada, Seixal and Sesimbra.

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