ALERT® STUDENT presented at Faculty of Medical Science of Minas Gerais in Brazil
06 May 2011
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On May 9, 2011, Jorge Guimarães, ALERT's Founder and President, will give a presentation on ALERT® STUDENT, an educational tool that supports teaching, learning and research in the area of health science. The event will take place at the Faculty of Medical Science of Minas Gerais (FMSMG), which is part of the Lucas Machado Educational Foundation.


The Lucas Machado Educational Foundation is dedicated to the development of teaching activities, science and technology research in the healthcare and community support field.


Besides the FMSMG, this organization includes São José University Hospital, Affonso Silviano Brandão Ambulatory services, the Research and Postgraduate Center and Ciências Médicas Virtual (a distance learning center).


A non-profit philanthropic organization, the Foundation is responsible for insuring that the above mentioned institutes serve the academic community, the public authorities and the general public adequately. Its Corporate Center gathers all administrative management and is installed in FMSMG's head office in the center of Belo Horizonte, which is an important integration factor between the various institutional divisions.

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