ALERT sponsored Saúde Business Fórum's golf championship for the 3rd consecutive year
10 September 2010
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For the third consecutive year, ALERT sponsored Saúde Business Fórum's golf championship. This forum gathered Brazil's leaders in healthcare, and took place from September 16-19, 2010, at Praia do Forte, Baía, in Brazil.


Saúde Business Fórum intends to be a place for discussion of business strategies for the healthcare sector's development, and to foresee tendencies. It was also a good opportunity to establish relations between participating companies and the healthcare sector's leaders who are in charge of making decisions on acquiring and contracting products.


This event had the participation of the top executives from 100 healthcare facilities (Brazil's hospitals, diagnostic clinics, healthcare operators and insurers) who are most likely to make investments in the next 18 months.

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