ALERT signs SIDRA FAST TRACK contract with the North Metropolitan Health Service in Chile
24 November 2009
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This project will involve the implementation of ALERT® SCHEDULER and ALERT® REFERRAL solutions, which will support scheduling, referral and counter-referral processes within the North Metropolitan Health Service (NMHS). Although other health services are also participating in other SIDRA FAST TRACK projects, this is the first time an integral approach will be used for both levels of assistance (primary and hospital care) in Chile. The new approach means a national revolution in referral process management with the elimination of the country’s traditional slot system.

Two National Institutes are integrated into this health service network, which may increase the project's visibility beyond the NMHS network.

The contract was signed in the reception hall of the Roberto del Río Hospital, which is part of the NMHS, in a ceremony that was attended by directors from various NMHS centers as well as representatives from the Digital Scheduler Ministry and Department.

After a brief introduction by Dr. Álvaro Sepúlveda, Clinical Deputy Director of the NMHS, and a speech by Dr. Vladimir Varela, a representative from the Digital Scheduler Department, the contract was signed by Dr. Mauricio Osorio, Director of the NMHS, and Francisco Fernández, Executive Director of the Spanish ALERT subsidiary.

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