ALERT signed a contract with North Metropolitan Health Service in Chile
29 October 2012
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ALERT and the North Metropolitan Health Service (NMHS) in Chile, signed a contract on October 26, 2012, for the increase of the ALERT® solutions in NMHS's healthcare network.


NMHS was already operating with ALERT's reference and counter reference solution, which had already been acquired in the scope of the SIDRA program of the Chilean Ministry for Health. New ALERT® solutions will now be implemented in five hospitals and 60 referral centers of the NMHS, thus creating a unique electronic health process for the healthcare services of the metropolitan North region of Santiago, the country's capital city.


Regarding this decision, ALERT’s CEO, César Guimarães, declared, "This contract's extension proves the quality of the services provided and ALERT's capacity in providing solutions to computerize Regional Health Information Services (RHIO). This decision reinforces ALERT®'s base implemented in Chile, as well as the company's commitment towards this market."


NMHS's Director, Dr. Claudio Caro, also declared, “NMHS intends to be the public health organization in Chile in terms of: quality of clinical information, services provided to the patients, tools available to professionals and optimization of the management of available resources. This contract is part of this strategy and we are confident that we have made the best decision."


Claudio Caro Thayer and César Guimarães


César Guimarães, Haroldo Faundez and Rudolfo Bustos Basili

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