ALERT® RHIO selected to computerize the whole Guarda district in Portugal
11 February 2010
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The Local Healthcare Unit (LHU) of Guarda is the second customer in Portugal to choose ALERT® RHIO and to thus make the Electronic Health Record a reality.

ALERT® RHIO is a group of solutions that allow for the complete computerization of a region or even a country.

Created recently, the LHU of Guarda integrates 2 hospitals (Nossa Senhora da Assunção Hospital in Seia, and Sousa Martins Hospital in Guarda) and 12 primary care centers with over 70 subdivisions.

Achieving the Electronic Health Record will require the implementation of ALERT® PFH in the two district's hospitals and also the computerization, with ALERT® CARE, of the 12 primary care centers of the region. The complete suite of ALERT® ERP products is also part of this project.

ALERT® already operates as part of these facilities' information systems. ALERT® has been used, since 2006, to document all care provided to patients by over 240 professionals working at the Emergency Department of Sousa Martins Hospital. This partnership has been growing stronger, with, for example, the 2009 implementation of ALERT® OUTPATIENT for outpatient services and the contract for the supply chain and pharmacy management tools – ALERT® PSCM and ALERT® PRESCRIPTION – at both facilities (Guarda and Seia).

The LHU of Guarda has just chosen ALERT® RHIO, the most comprehensive solution of the ALERT® product family, which includes all services and care levels, and which enable, in the short term, the integrated management of the different facilities that comprise this LHU.

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