ALERT received candidate to Prime Minister of Portugal
27 September 2009
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Manuela Ferreira Leite, the first woman to take on the responsibility of president of the Portuguese Social Democratic (PSD) party, visited ALERT Life Sciences Computing, S.A.'s head office, Vila Nova de Gaia, on September 24 as part of her campaign for the general elections to be held on September 27, 2009.

The candidate to Prime Minister and her committee – which included Paulo Rangel (a Member of the European Parliament and former PSD parliament leader) – were received by ALERT's CEO, Jorge Guimarães, who gave a brief presentation on the company and highlighted ALERT's ambitious mission, its remarkable growth and major achievements. The creator and founder of ALERT®, a solution that creates paper-free environments, mentioned the strong investment being made on internationalization and on analyzing the Return on Investment (ROI) brought by the product's implementation.

The leader of Portugal's opposing party also had the opportunity to watch a summarized presentation on ALERT®, which was followed by a visit to the company's premises. While conducting the tour, Jorge Guimarães visited the various departments that are involved in the product's conception, development and implementation process, whilst answering questions posed by Manuela Ferreira Leite who seemed genuinely interested in ALERT's success story.

At the end of her visit, when talking to the media, the PSD leader seemed very impressed with what she had just seen and heard, and said: "This company is an example of the potential offered by growth through innovation and by having qualified human resources, which is visibly the case here."

An enthusiast of private initiative and of freedom of choice for entrepreneurs, she strongly defended the Government's role as a facilitator in the development of companies and not as a replacement for them. "This is an example of what is possible to do if the right conditions can be met. It is the Government's responsibility to create those conditions."

Manuela Ferreira Leite left a delightful compliment in ALERT's guest book by having expressed her admiration towards the company's enormous success and its example of young and innovative entrepreneurship.

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