ALERT promotes Oracle PL/SQL guru's workshop
21 September 2009
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What is a guru?

In etymological terms, a guru is a Hindu spiritual master. However, this term is nowadays used to describe an expert in a given matter, someone with a superior knowledge who is able to translate that knowledge into words that everyone wants to interiorize. Whether they are words or source codes really depends on the subject.

This superior knowledge is often demonstrated in the likes of a distant and inaccessible type of behavior. This is not Steven Feuerstein's case. Despite being undoubtly one of the major Oracle PL/SQL specialists in the world, despite literally going around the world to give conferences, workshops and talks, despite being the author of more than ten books on Oracle PL/SQL and confessing total obsession with this subject matter, Steven came to ALERT's head office on the afternoon of September 21 with the humble attitude of someone who teaches to learn.

Showing an open and friendly attitude, Steven said that he was "really impressed with the attention to detail and dedication to quality" that he witnessed at the company. Refering to our double-check formula Steven declared that "there is no room for mistakes when one is working in such a delicate area."

During his visit to ALERT's head office, Steven showed a genuine interest towards the work done by our employees. "From what I have seen so far, and judging by the quality of the questions asked, you are working at the highest level. You want to totally explore the potentialities of Oracle PL/SQL and that is fantastic. I hope that I can transmit some of what I have been learning to ALERT's development team and thus contribute towards improving their work."

The conference room was full with around 120 ALERT employees who did not want to miss the opportunity to personally meet this guru. Despite that number, there was a relaxed and close atmosphere thanks to the informal and captivating style of the speaker who, from the very beginning, called himself "One among you."

For more than two hours Steven Feuerstein talked about his "obsession", shared his knowledge with great generosity and was totally receptive to questions. When he finished, the audience was ecstatic. There is nothing better than learning with the best!

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