ALERT® PRIVATE PRACTICE went live in a further 3 entities in Portugal
22 March 2011
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ALERT® PRIVATE PRACTICE went live at Dr. José Albino de Abreu Carvalho Mesquita and Dr. Miguel Fernandes Pereira’s private practices, both in Póvoa do Varzim, and at Dr. Vítor Fernando Barros Reis’ private practice, Family and General Practice specialty, in Vila do Conde.
Dr. Miguel Fernandes Pereira processes a weekly average of 40 appointments and his patients are mainly adults.


Dr. Vítor Fernando Barros Reis registers an average of 50 appointments per week.


With ALERT® PRIVATE PRACTICE these professionals will now be able to document and access all clinical information and the medical history of their patients by using the following functionalities: templates per specialty that are adapted to the needs of each appointment type, guidelines and protocols that enable to define adequate treatment plans, integration with other information systems, alerts on relevant clinical information and on tasks that require immediate attention.


With ALERT® PRIVATE PRACTICE, clinical information is documented in real time and organized per patient and household.

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