ALERT® PRIVATE PRACTICE live in 3 other facilities in Portugal
29 September 2010
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Serviço de Apoio Enfermagem e Médico, Lda (Nursing and Medical Care Services), URGEMEDIC (Healthcare Services), and Dr. Álvaro Herdade (Private Practice) adopted the ALERT® PRIVATE PRACTICE solution, which went live in September 2010.


Serviço de Apoio Enfermagem e Médico, Lda and URGEMEDIC, offer the Family and General Practice specialty and process an average of 30 appointments per week, and also provide services in a home for the elderly.


Dr. Álvaro Herdade, a specialist in Family and General Medicine, processes around 100 appointments per week and provides services in six homes for the elderly.


ALERT® PRIVATE PRACTICE enables the documentation and review of each patient's clinical information, including all data registered in other healthcare facilities.

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