ALERT presented testimonials in the presentation of its strategy and products
25 April 2007
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ALERT welcomed 200 guests from different institutions (Government, Regional Health Administrations, Public and Private Hospitals, Primary Care Centers, Private Physician Offices, Banks and Partners) and countries (U.S., Spain, and Portugal), at the Praia D'El Rey Marriott Golf & Beach Resort, in Obidos, Portugal, on April 16 and 17. 


During this event, entitled "ALERT®: Strategy, Products, Projects and Testimonials", guests were presented with an overview of ALERT®´s current and future developments. It also contributed to clarify current and potential client's expectations and understandings, as well as to provide further insights into ALERT® products. Moreover, it offered the opportunity to hear real testimonials from ALERT® users. 


The presentations were high-level and the event was a success! 


Antonio Serrano, Ph.D, President of Evora Hospital, stressed the importance of information systems for healthcare management and delivery. During his presentation, Professor Antonio Serrano indicated why he chose ALERT®, explaining the partnership that has been developed between the hospital and the company. 


M. Jorge Guimaraes, M.D., Ph.D, Founder and C.E.O. of ALERT, made a presentation on ALERT®'s contribution to healthcare. He demonstrated the extent of ALERT®'s development, putting into perspective new product areas. 


Paula Pinto, Continuous Training Manager of ALERT, introduced the new developments of ALERT® OUTPATIENT. 


Francisco Taveira, M.D., Operating Room Director of Chaves District Hospital, shared his stories about ALERT®'s first implementation- ALERT® first ever implementation took place in this hospital. Dr. Taveira stated that "Chaves District Hospital made a name to itself by introducing this technology". He also emphasized that Chaves District Hospital was the very first hospital to implement not only ALERT® EDIS but also ALERT® PAPER FREE HOSPITAL, and that this decision granted the hospital the Public Service Award on Innovation in 2006. 


Jose Manuel Almeida, M.D., Emergency Department Manager of Coimbra Hospital Center, pointed out as a success factor in ALERT® implementation the workflow management that it permits, stating that "the fact that when I order a lab test, the nurse and ancillary immediately know that there are tasks that need to be performed" was decisive. He also emphasized that the patient-centered information approach was crucial in the decision of adopting ALERT®. 


Margarida Brito, Demonstrations Manager of ALERT, presented the new functionalities of ALERT® EDIS - ALERT®'s new product for Emergency Departments. 


Dr. Ana Paula Borges, from the "Appointments on time" Project Team of the Portuguese Ministry of Health, addressed the implementation of ALERT® REFERRAL in hospitals and primary care centers throughout the country, allowing professionals to schedule new patient specialty appointments in hospitals. This presentation aroused great interest in the audience, who didn't hesitate to ask: "For when in our hospital?" 


Antonio Marques, M.D., Clinical Director of the Emergency, Anesthesiology, and Critical Care Department of St Antonio General Hospital, grabbed the audience's attention during his presentation on ALERT® DATA WAREHOUSE (ADW). He laid strong emphasis on the fact that the implementation of this tool in hospital allowed to save several hundreds of thousands of euros. He also pointed out that, underlying these results, there lies the possibility of cross-referencing information, stating that: "It's not merely the possibility of documenting. It's also the capacity to analyze data from different perspectives." 


Paulo Faria, General Manager of myPartner Healthcare, introduced the new non-clinical products of the ALERT® suite: ALERT® ERP and ALERT® CRM.

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