ALERT® PRESCRIPTION is a success both in Hospitals and Primary Care Centers
07 November 2006
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This new tool, implemented in hospitals October 25 and in Primary Care Centers in October 27, allows for price comparison between similar drugs and displays contra-indication alerts. In addition, each medication can be associated with one or more of the patient problems, providing for medication reconciliation. 


The same tool can be used to (1) document drugs that the patient says he is taking over the counter or (2) have been prescribed by other doctors, (3) to prescribe drugs to be administered locally, (4) to order drugs that need special preparation before its administration to the patient, (5) or drugs that need to be picked up at a local pharmacy or (6) at the hospital pharmacy. 


With ALERT® Prescription, prescriptions can be printed in paper or sent electronically to pharmacies. 


ALERT® Prescription strengthens ALERT®'s offer as a complete clinical software solution.

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