ALERT® Participates in the CDC PHIN Conference 2007
23 September 2007
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This year's PHIN conference which took place in Atlanta 27th-29th August 2007, included workshops, informatics training, opportunities to network with informatics representatives from local, state, national and international levels and provided feedback to CDC on how to implement the PHIN initiatives in the national Health IT Initiative. 


New to this year's conference was the Interoperability Showcase sponsored by Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel (HITSP) and The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), using the HITSP use cases. Demonstrations were done using three different examples: Influenza, Tuberculosis, and Hepatitis Case Reporting. Interoperability was shown between the registration system to a primary care physician's office, then within an emergency department, radiology, a laboratory and a public health agency in an actual RHIO environment utilizing a patient registry and repository for documents. This environment uses standards for secure transactions and protection of Protected Healthcare Information (PHI). Interoperability, according to one participant, "fosters connectivity of healthcare and reduces the burden of reporting". 


ALERT Life Sciences Computing, Inc. participated in the Interoperability Showcase and successfully demonstrated the ability to retrieve Emergency Department Referrals (EDR) from outside sources using IHE standards and also EMSystems bed availability system via the web.

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