ALERT participated in the IHE Interoperability Showcase at World of Healthcare IT in Copenhagen

ALERT participates in the Interoperability Showcase promoted by IHE

21 November 2008
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ALERT® was present at the IHE Interoperability Showcase which integrated the World of Health IT that took place in Copenhagen between November 4 and 6, 2008. 


Viviane Reding, the European Commissioner for Information Society and Media, was among the IHE booth visitors. Once the exhibition had been formally opened, she was very eager to visit the Interoperability Showcase. 


The visitors had the opportunity to witness how ALERT® receives, in real time, crucial clinical information from other healthcare IT systems. This happened in a context of interoperability between healthcare facilities in various European countries. 


Catherine Glenz, ALERT's Clinical Operations Vice-President, served as Co-Chair for the Interoperability Showcase, working with the IHE commission to organize the event and contributed to the interoperability clinical scenarios that were demonstrated by the participant companies. During the exhibition, Catherine Glenz worked as a docent and guided visitors throughout the interoperability showcases. She also gave a presentation on the IHE's mission. 


With this participation, ALERT® demonstrates its capacity to respond to the most advanced interoperability requirements that are currently being planned as a result of the growing involvement between healthcare services of various European countries.

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