ALERT participated in Medica 2008
05 December 2008
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In a year clearly marked by the global economic situation, ALERT's booth was as busy as ever. The video-wall demos accommodated a full theater with very expectant people in a way that remembered past HIMSS exhibitions. It has also become habitual to have visitors from other companies and some of them even admit that the ALERT product is simply fantastic. 


As usual, the graphic user interface, usability and the clinical content (more and more each time) - such as templates, pathways and protocols - were the top distinguished features by the customers. 


The new functionalities in 2.4.3 such as the timeline, new task list, guidelines and so on, were very applauded by the audience. The Private Practice (PP) solution has also became of interest for German customers, who continuously asked for PP demos throughout the exhibition. 


People from Europe, Russia, Asia, India and even Latin America visited ALERT's booth. The Dutch were, once again, one of the biggest groups that made the most of the demos; some of them because they had already bought the product, and some of them because they wanted to know what their neighbors had bought. Malaysia was also highly represented, and people connected with the Penang Adventist Hospital visited the booth. ALERT's successful implementations are bringing in a vast crowd of interested people that want to learn and know more about ALERT products. 


Francisco J. Fernández López 

Director Ejecutivo

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