ALERT® OUTPATIENT went live in a further two facilities of the TEC Salud Group in Monterrey, Mexico
24 February 2014
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ALERT® OUTPATIENT (version went live at the Women's Health Services and at the Orthopedics and Trauma Services  on January 21 and February 19, 2014, respectively.


Both facilities are located at the Hospital Zambrano Hellion, which integrates the TEC Salud Group, in Monterrey, Mexico. This installation closes the implementation cycle of the ALERT® product for outpatient services at this renowned healthcare facility.


ALERT® has been implemented across 10 units of the Hospital Zambrano Hellion in only 12 months. Each of these healthcare units  has completely different administrative and clinical characteristics. All units have been integrated with other information systems (ADT, LIS, RIS and BILL) and a high level of interoperability with other information systems of the hospital has thus been achieved.


Hospital Zambrano Hellion is an international institution affiliated to Methodist International (global network of The Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas, US).

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