ALERT® OUTPATIENT went live at TecSalud de Monterrey in Mexico
29 April 2013
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ALERT® OUTPATIENT, the ALERT® solution for outpatient services, went live at the Instituto de Cirugía and at the Instituto de Bienestar Integral, on April 23 and 25, respectively, in Monterrey, Mexico.



Both facilities are part of the Zambrano Hellion Medical Center, which integrates the TecSalud Group.


The Instituto de Cirugía (CMZH-IC) offers diagnoses and treatments in the specialties of general surgery, colorectal surgery, oncological surgery, vascular surgery and also covers eye, nose and throat and urology specialties. CMZH-IC additionally offers highly specialized outpatient services in the Zambrano Hellion Medical Center(CMZH). CMZH is an international institution that is affiliated to Methodist International (global network of The Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas, US).


The Instituto de Bienestar Integral offers a new healthcare service concept, which is based on integrating physical, mental and nutritional health in order to make healthcare more attractive and in accordance with patients' likes and preferences. Besides having a physical, nutritional and psychological assessment or a relaxing massage, the patient can benefit from other supplementary services, such as: fitness, wellness (yoga, meditation), and integrating medicine (prenatal yoga, tai chi, acupuncture).


The TecSalud Group of the Sistema Tecnológico de Monterrey integrates, besides the Zambrano Hellion Medical Center (which comprehends 9 healthcare facilities), San José Tec de Monterrey Hospital, where ALERT® is already implemented. The Sistema Tecnológico de Monterrey aims at promoting a new way of thinking in the scope of clinical practice in Mexico and investing in education and clinical research.


ALERT® PAPER FREE HOSPITAL is a clinical solution for hospitals that produces comprehensive and integrated clinical records and also provides management tools that promote more efficient hospital operations.



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