ALERT® OUTPATIENT went live at Pontifícia Universidad Católica de Chile
16 December 2013
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On December 6, 2013, ALERT® OUTPATIENT went live at Centro Médico Irarrázaval (CMI), in Santiago, Chile.


CMI offers excellence in its clinical services, with several clinical and non-clinical specialties, as well as dentistry. The medical center has 15 clinical specialties at present, some of which are pediatric, eight non-clinical specialties, various dentistry specialties, a sample taking service, a gynecology and obstetrics ultrasound service, a teenage medicine center and a health promotion program.


This modern healthcare facility belongs to the Red de Salud UC CHRISTUS, the most important private healthcare network in Chile, which endeavors to promote a service of excellence that is patient and family centered and is also an important clinical training center for physicians.

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