ALERT® OUTPATIENT went live at Clinique du Pré in France
10 July 2015
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On July 2, 2015, ALERT® OUTPATIENT went live at Clinique du Pré, a prestigious private hospital in Le Mans, France.
This private hospital integrates various specialty services among which are Nutrition, Endocrinology, Psychology and Dietetics.
ALERT® OUTPATIENT, ALERT's clinical and management product for outpatient services, is now operational at the Centre de l'obésité (Centre for Obesity) of the Clinique du Pré and provides support to 2 physicians, 3 nutritionists, 3 psychologists and 2 registrars.
Besides ALERT® OUTPATIENT, Clinique du Pré also has ALERT® SCHEDULER, the ALERT product for the management of appointments, functioning and in operation in various services. Furthermore, in the near future, the following ALERT® modules will also be installed: ALERT® INPATIENT (inpatient), ALERT® EDIS (emergency department) and ALERT® ORIS (operating room).
Established in 1908, Clinique du Pré is a hospital that specializes in surgeries. With 215 beds and 16 operating rooms, this prestigious healthcare facility annually provides care to 22 000 patients, 1 500 of which receive oncological care.
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