ALERT® ORIS went live at the Presidio di Campostaggia in Italy
30 May 2011
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On May 27, 2011, ALERT® ORIS went live at the Presidio di Campostaggia in Siena in central Italy.


Presidio di Campostaggia is the first hospital of the USL 7 in Siena to Go Live with ALERT® ORIS, which covers both Operating Rooms and a Pre-Hospitalization module.


The three hospitals, with 12 operating rooms, that are going to be implemented with ALERT® ORIS – Presidio di Campostaggia, Presidio di Nottola and Presidio di Abbadia S. Salvatore – are located in the Toscana region and perform an average of 8 000 annual surgeries.


ALERT® ORIS is the ALERT® solution for Operating Rooms. It increases Operating Room efficiency throughout the pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative periods. Contemplating all professionals involved in the process and ensuring effective communication in all areas of the Operating Room, ALERT® ORIS is an essential tool to improve quality of care and proper handling and management of Operating Room administration.


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