ALERT launched new version of ALERT® STUDENT
22 March 2012
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ALERT launched a new version of ALERT® STUDENT with new features that allow users to "Study less and learn more".


ALERT® STUDENT's new version has a new image and language that is closer to students, who are the main target audience of this application.


Even though the core concept of digital knowledge, available anywhere and anytime, was kept, new functionalities have been added, such as: groups for Subjects, Classes and Colleagues; notebooks for online study; and questionnaires for testing knowledge. ALERT® STUDENT aims at assisting students in managing their study.


To test the new developments, ALERT carried out a case study with 96 students from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto (FMUP), throughout 3 weeks, to assess the students' performance improvement while using the new tools.


The first results show that these new tools have indeed improved the learning process. With only two study sessions, students' knowledge on a specific subject went from around 20% to nearly 80%. Furthermore, it was noted that there is a direct correlation with results in real tests.


ALERT® STUDENT is an application for medical students, but also for teachers and professionals of the health sciences field.

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