ALERT in Gazeta Mercantil, Brazil's reference business newspaper
02 June 2008
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ALERT was top story in Gazeta Mercantil, a major Brazilian business newspaper. The article gives a summarized description of the global activity of the ALERT group of companies, and makes reference to the contract that was celebrated with the State of Minas Gerais. Currently undergoing implementation, and worth 60 million Reais, the contract was closed in December 2007. 


In addition to describing the origin of the software and the advantages of the ALERT® product suite, the article mentions the subsidiaries where ALERT is currently investing more (Brazil and the Netherlands). Furthermore, the reader is informed of the company's main targets for the Brazilian market which involve equipping Emergency Services and entering the private sector. 


The article was based on an interview given by ALERT's founder and CEO, Jorge Guimarães.

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