ALERT highlighted at MicroStrategy World Europe
22 July 2014
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ALERT participated in MicroStrategy World Europe, which took place on July 7-10, 2014, in Barcelona, Spain.
The company was represented by Hélder Quintela, Business and Management Software Development Director, with a presentation entitled “Healthcare BI towards Clinical Intelligence”. The adoption of Business Intelligence platforms in healthcare organizations is increasing due to the need to leverage the use of data collected during patient care for improvements in several areas.
ALERT was the only Portuguese company presenting a use case at the MicroStrategy World Europe event.
ALERT® BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE is a vertical Business Intelligence system for analysis of healthcare data by different types of user profiles, for the monitoring of activities, evaluation of care quality, epidemiology monitoring, surveillance of population with chronic diseases (e.g., diabetes, hypertension), control of indicators for regulatory entities (e.g., Meaningful Use), and the support in the optimization of clinical processes and quality of care. In one single platform, the users can analyze data collected during the care processes almost in real time.
ALERT’s Business Intelligence tool is implemented in Angola, Brazil, Chile, France, Italy, Kuwait, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, the USA and the UK.
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